How do I set up tire prices in TireConnect?

There are two ways dealer can set up tire prices in TireConnect:

    • Export a price list which contains part numbers and prices from your POS and upload it as your own Custom Inventory within .

    • Setup price matrix, margins, markups or fixed amounts directly in dealer’s TireConnect account. TireConnect will calculate selling tire price, based on these settings and dealer cost from a wholesaler.

How do dealers access their in-store TireConnect page?

When TireConnect account is set up, each dealer will be provided with two things:

  1. Their private in-store TireConnect page, that they can bookmark on their countertop computers.

  2. Simple instructions on how to add TireConnect to their website (intended for webmasters).

Is there a contract?

There is no long term contract, you pay month to month and can cancel at any time.

Is there a cancellation penalty?

There is no penalty for cancelling. Just send us a written cancellation request with your TireConnect location ID to

How do I qualify for the preferred pricing?

Preferred pricing is available for members of Bridgestone Affiliated Retailer National Network (BARNN).

Is the charge per location?

Yes the monthly fee is per location based, however savings can be applied for those dealers with multiple locations contact us for details and pricing.

Is TireConnect mobile friendly?

Yes TireConnect is optimized for mobile use.

What are the credit card charges when I sell online?

There is a 2.9% charge plus $0.30 per transaction handling fee from the payment gateway.

Do I need to set up a merchant account?

No, TireConnect will set up an account for you in the Stripe payment gateway. We will then email you the username/password access to your new account. We strongly recommend that a soon as you receive our email with the login information, that you login and change the default password we gave sent you.

Does TireConnect accept CFNA cards for payment?

Currently no but this functionality will be added shortly.

Does Bridgestone have access to my data?

TireConnect is set up from an arms-length from Bridgestone, TireConnect collects data as far as required to offer the service. No individual data is made available to Bridgestone. However anonymized data in aggregate form may be available for reporting purposes.

When do I get the money from a sale into my bank account?

The funds from each transaction get deposited into your account within 7 business days after the transaction (Canada) and within 2-5 business days (US).

Do I have to charge the full amount or can i choose to request a deposit only?

The deposit amount can be set to your choosing and the client can than pay the balance in store.

Will I get full credit for the sale?

Yes, you get full credit for the sale.

How does TireConnect differ from Goodyear/Michelin eCommerce options?

With TireConnect, the dealer receives 100% credit for all tire sales. TireConnect lives on each dealer’s website and helps to capture leads and sales directly from their website.

Can I use my Bridgestone co op dollars?

Yes, co op dollars are eligible for this program.

I don't have a Facebook account but I'm being charged for one, why?

Facebook as well as the in-store module are offered as part of our Standard package with no additional charge (if you have this package), it is up to your discretion to take advantage of them.

Will my volume discount/bonus be used when calculating tire pricing?

No, you will have to compensate for this when you set your markup/margin.

Can you connect to my POS?

We are currently connected to a number of POS Systems and are continually adding more. Please contact us to see if your POS can be integrated as well. 

Will TireConnect take into account all state and federal taxes?

Yes, we have tax breakdown for all states and provinces.

Does TireConnect account for shop supply and tire recycling fees?

Yes, these are included and completely customizable.

Can I add optional services?

Yes, you can add an unlimited amount of optional services both instore and online

Is staggered fitment available?

Yes, TireConnect fully supports staggered fitment.

Is plus and minus sizing available?

Plus sizing will be coming shortly, however minus sizing will not be available in the short term.

What are the benefits of using eCommerce?

eCommerce allows you to take deposit payments online from customers. This also allows you to cater to the clients that would rather shop online and compare pricing and value without taking up the time of the shop during this busy season!

This service will allow you to remain “open” all the time, store timing will now be 24/7/365. From the merchant's point of view, this increases the number of orders they receive. From the customer's point of view, an "always open" store is more convenient.

Will I run into any issues adding your software to my site?

Due to the user friendly nature of TireConnect, adding our software to your website is easy. In just a few minutes you can have your very own tire store based on live inventory feeds from your specific wholesalers. We also assist software developers and webmasters should they require it.

Does it save quotes? If so, for how long?

The searches, quotes and appointment requests will be available for you to view from the first search to the last.  For your convenience we store this data permanently, allowing you to access it at any time.

How quickly can I start using this?

TireConnect setup is fairly quick and could be used same day in most cases!

What wholesalers are you connected to? How many can I be connected to?

We have a variety or wholesalers we currently work with and if they are not currently in our database adding them for you is a breeze with the cooperation of your wholesaler. You can be connected to as many wholesalers as you’d like, there is not a limit.

How often is the inventory and pricing updated?

Depending on the wholesaler, some suppliers we have direct real time (live) connections and others are updated daily.

Will it be connected to tires I currently have in stock? If so, will it use my inventory before using the manufacturer?

You can add in your tire inventory simply with an excel file or manually. Our TireConnect software will prefer your inventory over the manufacturer.

Can I order the tires from the manufacturer directly through TireConnect?

At this point no, this is something we are currently working towards.

How does it connect to the tire rebates? Do I have to update this?

The rebates shown on TireConnect show up directly from the manufacturer with no need for you to update.

Can we show rims as well as tires?

As a simple solution you can definitely add in steel rims as an optional service. TireConnect also fully integrates with iConfigurator, wheel visualization solution. So that you can select wheels in iConfigurator, and complete your purchase of wheels and tires in TireConnect.

I offer special promos/discounts or a free product with certain services how do I let my customers know about this?

We do have a discount option on TireConnect, we also can add in special services for you.