Slice & Dice Reports

Did you know that you can download Search, Order and Leads Reports to your desktop as simple Excel files which can then be viewed and analyzed in Excel? These reports are simple raw data files generated automatically by the TireConnect platform as your customers interact with the system. The data in these files can illuminate all sorts of critical trends that impact your business.

  • Login to your TireConnect account at
  • Go to the Reports menu item from the vertical grey menu and click on either Search Reports, Orders or Leads
  • Click on the 'Actions' drop down at the top of the any Report page (see image below):The first option (Queue as Excel (full)) will export the full data file in Excel format. This will cause you to be redirected to the 'Export Queue' page. On the 'Export Queue' page you will see listed any previous exports that you have done. You’ll notice your new export will be at the very top of the list. If the log file contains a lot of information the export can take several seconds. This top entry will show you the progress. Once the export is done, the name of the export will turn into a download link that you can click on to save the report to your desktop. The second option (Save as Excel (1000)) behaves exactly the same, but will export only the most recent 1,000 log entries.

Next month we’ll look at the Leads report in more detail and determine your drop off rate between leads and orders. Cheers and happy reporting!