Slice and Dice Leads Reports

Last month we promised to show you more about the Leads Reports and how to dig into it a little deeper to reveal some of the interesting stats inside. Before continuing, you might find it useful to quickly review last month’s ProTip.

Using what you learned in last month’s ProTip, download your full Leads Report to your desktop and open it in Excel. The first thing you notice is that these files are simply log files containing raw data describing the leads TireConnect captures on your behalf. For those of you comfortable with Excel, these files (Leads Report, Orders Report & Searches Report) represent gold mines of information. The trick of course is in knowing just how to mine that data and how to uncover all of its dazzling secrets!

By default the information in the Leads Report is ordered by date with the most recent leads (quotes) at the top. Tip: We suggest you take a minute to adjust the column widths and font sizes to make things easier to read.

Look at the diagram below which shows the Leads Report after being opened and cleaned up in Excel. Scanning the date column, you can see how many leads were issued on any given day. In the example below we can see that on October 24th we captured eighteen leads.

Looking at the Type column (2nd column) we can see that of the eighteen captured leads, two were email quotes, one was a print quote and that one customer requested an appointment. Regarding that request, we would have also received an email from the system providing us with the customer’s contact information.

By scanning through the Leads Report you can get a good sense of how the system is working for you in terms of capturing leads.


We’re not going to go any further that than in the newsletter. However if you want to dig deeper, please checkout this ProTip on Calculating Lead Conversion Rates.