In this month’s Pro Tip we’re going to look at the Offers feature built into TireConnect. Offers is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to present both Discount Sales for specific brands and models or Manufacturer Rebates directly to your customers on the search results page. This is a great tool for moving extra inventory and promoting specific tire brands. Let's begin...

Login to your TireConnect Administrator Account at

Client vs Dealer Level Offers

Offers can be configured either at the client account level, or at the dealer account level. There are a few issues to consider when deciding how you want to setup your offers. Offers set at the client account level are global in nature and will be applied to all of your dealers automatically. Alternatively, configuring them at the dealer level allows you to setup offers tailored to individual dealers.

When configuring at the client level another thing to consider is that not all of your dealers pull pricing from the same suppliers. As a result, prices pulled from a supplier that is not linked to an individual dealer, will not be displayed in the search results for that dealer; even if the dealer carries that tire model using another supplier.

In either case, client or dealer level, the configuration tool is identical. In our example we’ll be configuring using a Client account. However there are no visible differences between configuring in either.

Select a Dealer
If you’re logged in using a Dealer account, simply click on the Offers menu item at the top of the page.

Image: Dealer Vertical Menu with Offers Menu Item

Alternatively, If you logged in as a Client Administrator, go to your Dealers screen and click on Profile for the dealer you wish to create an Offer for. When the page loads, click on Offers in the new menu bar that has appeared near the top of the page.

Image: Offers List page as seen from client account

Create a New Offer

Create an Offer
On the Offers List page, click on the New button. The New Offer editor will open.

Configure Your Offer

Select Suppliers

The first thing you need to do is select which of your suppliers the offer applies to. Under the Main Info heading, select which of your suppliers the offer will apply to. Under the same section, give your offer a Name and short Description. These will appear on the search results page directly beneath the image of the tire it’s associated with. Remember to keep this copy snappy and engaging!

Choose where to display your offer

Your offer can be displayed in the main TireConnect widget search results and/or the TireConnect Offers Standalone widget.  You can also add an image to your standalone widget

Set Offer Dates

Under the Dates heading, set the start and end dates for the offer. If it is going to be an ongoing offer with no set start or end dates, just select the “Ongoing” checkbox.

Legal Info
If the offer has any legal information associated with it that is posted somewhere on the internet, you can create a link for it here. The link will appear with the offer name and description on the search results page. You can also create a link for any online promotional information. This is useful when the offer is a Manufacturer's Rebate and the manufacture has created a page describing the rebate program. Leave these blank if you don’t want to provide any links.

Minimum Qualifiers
If you want to set some constraints on the minimum purchase size required to be eligible to receive the offer, you may do so here. Under the Minimum Qualifiers heading you can decide if the qualifier is based on either tire quantity or order amount. If you leave the default value of Quantity, then simply select a value from the Minimum Quantity menu directly below. If you decide to select Amount, then the form will change slightly and you will be required to enter a Minimum Amount and also specify if this amount is pre-tax and whether or not it includes the tire disposal fee. If you do not wish to set any minimum qualifiers, simply ignore this section.

Allows you to change the default colors used in the presentation of offers.

Offer Type
Allows you to select between Rebate and Discount.If set to Rebate, the only option is a checkbox entitled Display Effective. When checked, the discounted value will be displayed on the quote and summary pages. Selecting between Discount and Amount will present different options for each. All of which are pretty self explanatory

Filters are a means to specify discrete lists of tires that are to be included in the offer. This is a handy way of promoting end of season inventory that you want to move. Tires specified in the filter will be the only tires listed.

Leaving the Filter Type select menu set to All Tires, will not apply any filters

Selecting Part Numbers will require you to generate an Excel ‘97 .xls file containing both a Brand and Part Number column and upload it to your account. Note: Do not upload an .xlsl file. Only .xls.

Alternatively, you can select Tire Selector. This will bring up the same tire selector interface used in our Custom Pricing module, giving you the ultimate control over which tires are part of the offer.


We hope you found this month’s Pro Tip helpful. If you have any difficulty setting up your own offers, please feel free to contact us at See you next month!