This document covers the most common administrative tasks for most TireConnect clients. This is not an exhaustive administrative manual. If you are seeking technical administrative information for the TireConnect Platform (TCP), that is not listed here, please see the official TireConnect Administrator's Manual. To access individual topics, click on the blue title. Each of the topics listed below links the appropriate section in the TCP Administrator's Manual.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here or in the manual, please contact us at

Logging Into the Admin Side of Your TireConnect Account  

Logging into TireConnect Tutorial

Navigate to to log in to the TireConnect platform admin portal.

The TireConnect Administrative functions are organized into two sections.

  1. Client Level Administrative Functions - Admins at this level can modify settings that are "global" in nature and apply to all dealers belonging to the client.
  2. Dealer Level Administrative Functions - Admins at this level can modify settings that are relevant only to their own dealership.

Accessing either Client or Dealer Administrative sections is based on your individual username. The login procedure for both types is identical. 

Adding & Updating Tire Pricing ( learn more ... )

Tire Pricing Interactive Tutorial

This article describes how you can markup the pricing received from your suppliers. The pricing markup system is designed to be both 1) comprehensive in offering a wide variety of standard markup methods and 2) easy to use.

Setting Supplier Priority learn more... )

Supplier Priority allows TireConnect Clients to control which supplier pricing is displayed in a customer's search results. This is useful in numerous situations such as when the supplier's price may not be the lowest, but provides the dealer with higher margins on specific brands or brand models.

Services ( learn more... )

Setting up a Tire Recycling Fee Interactive Tutorial

The TireConnect Turnkey Widget allows Dealers to present tire and automotive services directly on quote pages. Services can include virtually anything related to tires and vehicles such as tire rotation, oil changes, nitrogen fills, balancing, etc... This feature works on both the Web and In-Store Widgets.

Adding Discounts & Rebates (Offers) learn more... )

Creating Offers in TireConnect Interactive Tutorial

The TCP provides you with a powerful feature for creating promotional tire offers that will appear in your customer's search results. Clients can create offers that will be applied across their dealer network, while individual Dealers can also create their own individual promotional offers. 

Tire Recommendations ( learn more... )

Tire Recommendations Interactive Tutorial

Tire Recommendations allows Client Administrators to control how a user’s search results are ordered so that they can promote individual products as needed.

Tire Filtering ( learn more... )

Tire Filtering Interactive Tutorial

Ability to filter out tires by type and category. For example, dealers who don’t sell winter tires, using tire filtering can now stop winter tires from ever being displayed in their account.

Price Matching ( learn more... )

Price Matching Tutorial

This optional feature will allow dealers to offer tire price matching. Customers will be able to request a price match by filling in a simple form when selecting a tire. After the form is submitted by the customer, the dealer will get a notification and will be able to communicate directly with the customer.

TireConnect Analytics ( learn more... )

TireConnect Analytics Video Demo

TireConnect Analytics Article

TireConnect Analytics provides you with data and business insights specific to your tire store. Once logged into the TireConnect Admin Portal, you’ll immediately notice a rolling 12-month analytics dashboard.

Tire Pricing Guide ( learn more... )

Tire Pricing Guide Video Demo

TireConnect clients now have access to national average tire prices through the Tire Pricing Guide, just a click away from within your TireConnect account, and provided at no additional cost. You can also take your pricing to the next level, with access to local competitor prices provided by Fitment Group for an additional monthly fee. This competitor information, will then be available within the Tire Pricing Guide section of the TireConnect admin portal.

Custom Inventory - Excel Import ( learn more... )

The Custom Inventory module is useful for connecting your local inventory for your brick and mortar locations to TireConnect. Typically this is used by clients who do not have a POS system in their location(s), but need to connect their local inventory with TireConnect.

Custom Inventory - Manual Add ( learn more... )

in addition to batch importing custom inventory from your POS system or an Excel file, the TCP also allows you to create individual custom inventory items.

Viewing Leads Reports ( learn more... )

See a complete list of all quotes being generated by your TireConnect widget. Partial quotes, or complete quotes with follow up request. It's all available here.

Viewing Search Reports ( learn more... )

See what customers are searching for on your site's TireConnect widget.

Changing Client Admin Username & Password

Client Admins can easily change their username and password anytime they wish. 

Changing Dealer Admin Username & Password

Dealer Admins can easily change their username and password anytime they wish. 

Google Tag Manager - Event Tracking for Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager is not a direct part of the TCP. However many of our clients are using Google Analytics to track their customers web surfing habits on their website(s). We thought it would be helpful if we provide this short tutorial on managing your Google Tags.

Adding Additional Emails to Receive Orders & Quotes

Add additional emails to receive TCP generated emails for events such as Orders and Quotes.

Adding Discount Codes

Clients and dealers can add discount codes and enable the option for their customers to take advantage of discount codes during the checkout process.

Messaging Settings 

The messaging settings aggregate all the custom messaging and customizable buttons labels. This section allows the customization and personalization for several customer facing emails.