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Article: Tire Recommendations Part 1

This is part two of our Tire Recommendations article series. Tire Recommendations allow you to control how your customer’s search results are presented.

In part 1 of the series we took a deep dive into the basic tire recommendation rule, that controls how the entire search results list is presented. Using the basic tire recommendation rule you can select specific tire brands or even specific models, that when returned in search results will appear at the top of the list. You can also control whether or not your in-stock items are sorted first and how to display tires that do not have available pricing. That’s pretty cool, and if you take a look at the feature for yourself you’ll see that you can control virtually every aspect of how the search results are organized.

Featured Tires - Top 3

In this article we’ll look at Featured Tires - Top 3 Sorting Rules. This feature allows you to append up to three (3) tire brands (not models) to the top of the results list. Note, this is not a reordering of the search list. It is appending up to three (3) tire brands to the beginning of the tire recommendation results.

You must already have selected at least three Preferred Brands in your Default Sorting Rules, for Featured Tires - Top 3 to work. See image below…

        Image: Tire Recommendation : Select Preferred Tires

Defining Your Featured Brands Sorting Rules

To begin, click on the Featured Brands Sorting Rules tab in the top row of tabs. In the tab page, click on Enable Featured Tires. A new row of tabs will appear directly below. Remember, this checkbox will be disabled if you are already a Bridgestone Affiliated Dealer.

     Image: Enabling “Featured Brands Sorting Rules”

Next, click on the Featured Tires - Top 3 tab and select your top three Featured Brands from the pop-up menus in the tab page. Don’t forget to click Save. Once this is done, the tire brands you selected will begin to be appended to the beginning of your customer’s search results.

The final piece of the puzzle is setting the Featured Brands Sorting Rules. This will be familiar to those of you who have read part 1 of Tire Recommendations. Click on the Featured Brands Sorting Rules.

Image: Featured Tires - Top 3: Featured Brands Sorting Rules.

This tab is identical to the Set Preferred Sorting Rules we looked at in the last article. This tab allows you to apply tire recommendation rules to your top three Featured Brands. Each of the three horizontal bars can be dragged up and down to change their priority. By default you should see the “By In-stock” rule in the highest priority, followed by Price and then Brand List. The last rule Brand List basically says, don’t apply any additional sorting. Just show them in the order they were originally set in the Select Featured Brands tab.

That's all you need to know for setting up featured tires in TireConnect. As always, if you need any help configuring your own tire recommendation rules, just reach out to us at You can also review part 1 of the tire recommendations series here.