This document describes how to use the TireConnect Platform to generate customer tire quotations and automatically send them to StockTrac.

Step 1) Open StockTrac On Your In-store  Computer

Open StockTrac by clicking on the Enterpirse3 icon on your in-store desktop computer. 

Step 2) Configuring TireConnect in StockTrac

Before you can generate quotes using TireConnect it may be necessary to connect StockTrac to your TireConnect account. If this configuration has been previously completed, then you can skip it here and proceed to Step 3. If it has not, then follow the steps below.

In the StockTrac main menu window, click on Configuration (bottom left corner).

This will open the StockTrac Configuration window. 

Click on the "Shop"entry in the main title bar at the top of the screen and go to Shop -> Integrations -> Ordering & Catalogs. This will open a configuration window where you can connect StockTrac to TireConnect.

Connecting StockTrac to TireConnect

  1. In the list on the left side, click on TireConnect.
  2. Click the "Enabled" checkbox if it is not already.
  3. Enter your DealerID where indicated.
  4. Enter your TireConnect API Keywhere indicated.
  5. Leave the value in the URL field alone. Ensure that the field says
  6. Check the "Use the TireConnect Cost and List on Buyouts" if you wish to accept any prices returned from TireConnect instead of those found in StockTrac.

FTP Tire Inventory
Your most up-to-date tire inventory will be automatically uploaded to TireConnect each evening. If you wish to force an earlier update, click on the FTP Tire Inventory button at the bottom of the settings panel. Wait for the success confirmation to appear.

Click OK to accept your changes and close the configuration window.

Step 3) Finding Tires and Generating Quote Using TireConnect

In the StockTrac main menu window, click on Point-Of-Sale to begin generating your quote.

If the Starting New Day window opens, click OK to close it.

Your browser will now open to the Point-Of-Sale page. Of the far left of the grey bar, click on the New Ticket button to start a new quote.

Enter your customer info into the appropriate fields to begin the quote process. This part should already be familiar to you.

Launch TireConnect

You should now see a drop-down menu labeled Catalog in the grey bar at the top of the screen. Select TireConnect from the list and click Go.

This will open the TireConnect Search Widget you'll use to generate your quote.

Using the tabs near the top of the TireConnect Search Widget you can search by Vehicle, Tire Size or by Part Number. If you need help using the TireConnect Search Widget, please email 

Once you've completed your tire search, click on the "Send 2 Est" button at the very top right of the browser window.

The TireConnect quote data will now be sent back to StockTrac. From here continue with your quote process as per usual.

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