TireConnect is a powerful digital solution that empowers dealers to quote and sell tires online, quote tires in store and generate qualified leads. However it requires a human element to manage everything properly. This document is intended as a guide to setting up necessary in-house operating procedures to manage your TireConnect leads effectively and efficiently We suggest you fill in the relevant sections below, print and post this where your staff can read it. Furthermore, we also suggest that you review these procedures with your appropriate staff members to ensure that everybody is aware of their areas of responsibility for managing your TireConnect leads, quotes, orders and customer follow up requests in a timely manner.

Lead Management

Leads are generated in a number of ways, from follow up requests, click to call, appointments and of course orders. These leads come with a very high conversion rate so it's imperative that your dealership follows up ASAP once a lead comes in.

1. Lead Handling

You will be first notified of a lead via email it is recommended that you have the email go to your counter staff and one other person who is responsible for all incoming leads and following up.

When a lead comes in it will be directed to the following person(s): 
NameEmailResponsible For

Individuals will check their email for leads:
  • As they come in 

  • Hourly

  • Every Morning

  • 3 times daily

  • 2 times daily 

  • Custom _____________________

2. Lead Follow up

Following up with leads in a timely manner is critical. All leads should be contacted within a maximum 24 hour time frame. Sooner is even better and will result in higher conversion rates!  Following up requires that you do the following during your call...

  1. Confirm customer details
  2. Confirm vehicle specs
  3. Confirm Tire Size
  4. Go through quote with customer
  5. Take advantage of this time to upsell Optional Services
  6. Close deal 
  7. Book Appointment (if applicable)
  8. Order tires (if applicable)

3. Lead Reporting

Once you have followed up and confirmed all the relevant  information you must mark that request as followed up within the TireConnect admin system.

To do this you must find the quote in question and turn on the Contacted button and then save.


When orders come in it's imperative that they be promptly followed up, setting up a notification in your email is strongly recommended.

1. Order Handling

  1. A client will place a deposit online for tires. Note: If CFNA-Merchant Partners is chosen as the payment method, the customer will need to pay in full online, not just a deposit.
  2. Dealer will then get an order notification email
  3. Go through quote with customer
  4. Take advantage of this time to upsell Optional Services
  5. Book appointment
  6. Should the deposit be for the wrong tires, you can easily use the deposit towards another order as it is not paid in full. Note: If the customer's payment method is CFNA-Merchant Partners, and the wrong tires were purchased online, a credit request can be submitted through Merchant Partners Online Merchant Center.

  7. Order tires (if applicable)

  8. Client comes in and pays outstanding amount on tires. The deposit is applied to outstanding balance. Note: This is not applicable if full payment is accepted online. or CFNA-Merchant Partners full payment must be taken online.

Note: CFNA-Merchant Partners is only available to US retailers, it is not available in Canada.

2. Order Follow Up

Following up with orders is similar to following up with leads with the addition of scheduling an installation appointment and if necessary ordering the customers tires.
  1. Confirm customer details
  2. Confirm vehicle specs
  3. Confirm Tire Size
  4. Go through quote with customer
  5. Take advantage of this time to up-sell Optional Services
  6. Book Installation Appointment
  7. Order tires (if applicable)

3. Order Reporting

The TireConnect System allows you to see and change the status of a tire order at any time. Your adviser can update the status by clicking on the view click on the report and then changing the status in the quote view, remembering to save afterwards.
Available Status Options:
  • Submitted
  • In-process
  • Installed
  • Cancelled

Additionally there are three more status options:

  • Declined - meaning their credit card failed
  • Initiated - meaning customer clicked on the "Order Your Tires" button and stopped on that page.
  • Incomplete - meaning customer clicked the "Order Your Tires" button, filled in their personal information, and pressed the Checkout button. However, on the checkout page, customer did not fill in their credit card details.