TireConnect v1.2.11 Release Notes

TireConnect Analytics Has Arrived!

We've developed TireConnect Analytics to assist dealers in making informed data-driven business decisions, sell smarter, and increase revenue. Once signed into the TireConnect admin portal, you'll now see a variety of valuable charts custom to your tire dealership:  

  • Monthly Tire Searches Activity
  • Tire Leads Breakdown
  • Most Popular Tires and Sizes

... and much more!

Updates included in this software release:

  • New Feature - Analytics Dashboard (help docs)An analytics dashboard is now available within your admin portal. Within the analytics dashboard you’ll see various charts specific to your store, including most popular tire brands, search rates by vehicle type and vehicle age, and store traffic based on time of day.
  • New Feature - BARNN Dealers can now customize tire recommendations (help docs): As a BARNN dealer, you can now select for specific models of Bridgestone, Firestone, and Fuzion tires to display first in search results. Additionally you can even setup a unique customization of the results based on vehicle type being searched by the customer.
  • New Feature - Links to Tire Quotes: Emailed tire quotes will now include a link to the quoted tire’s summary page on the retailer’s TireConnect page.
  • New Feature - Search by Staggered Fitment: Customers can now add an additional size when searching by tire size, if their vehicle has staggered fitment.
  • Improvement – Request an Appointment - Offset time changed to Hours (help docs): When setting how many hours prior to, a customer can request an appointment, you can now set it to be for example 8 hours in advance, rather than a full day in advance.
  • Enhancement - Services:
    • Improvement - Enable Services that require a minimum amount of tires (help docs): You can now set up services that will only be displayed to the customer when they quote at least the minimum amount of tires set by you. For example, you could choose to only display a wheel alignment service when 4 tires or more are request by the customer.  
    • Improvement - Enable Services specific to search type (help docs): You can enable for specific services to only be displayed when a customer searches by vehicle, versus when they use search by tire size.
  • Improvement - Responsive Report Tables: You’ll now notice that all report tables in your TireConnect account are now responsive. This means tables adjust and resize dependent on your browser window size. This allows you to see all the data without the need to scroll horizontally.
  • Improvement - Successfully Updated Notification: Whenever you click the ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Back’ button in your admin portal you’ll now see a green-colored notification stating "The item was updated successfully".  
  • Improvement - Increased Links Length for Price Match Form (tutorial)Price matching is a new feature that we launched a couple months ago. After launch, we noticed that some online links to competitor offers were quite long! We’ve updated the price matching form, so that it can now process links, no matter their length!
  • Improvement – Optimized Offers Widget and Price Matching for Internet Explorer: There were some minor issues with how the offers widget and price matching worked on Internet Explorer.  We’ve fixed these issues, so that both the offers widget and price matching now look and work great on any browser.
  • 74 optimizations and system improvements: The TireConnect team is always hard at work trying to improve our platform and fix issues and bugs found by our QA team or our clients.