Personalize the quotes customers receive from your store with an introductory email that is unique and personal to each potential customer. 

Let's go through the few simple steps needed to create personalized tire quotes:

Login to TireConnect's admin portal from your TireConnect client or dealer account. If logged in as a client, once logged in select a specific dealer, by selecting Dealers from the grey vertical menu on the left, and then choosing a dealer. 

Next, under a tire dealer's settings select General Settings. 

On the General Settings Page, scroll down to the Messages section, and select the "Intro to email quotes" check-box, once checked a text-box will appear.  In the text-box enter the personalized tire quote.

You can use several tags to insert some information anywhere in the copy:
- {product} - quoted tire
- {customer} - customer name
- {address} - location address
- {phone} - location phone number
- {email} - location email
- {location} - location name

For example you could enter:

Hi {customer},

Thanks for requesting a quote on {product} tires. A tire advisor from {location} will follow up with you shortly.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at {phone}. Looking forward to meeting you, and seeing how we can help.

All the Best,


Its that simple! Customers will now immediately feel like they are getting a more personal experience, tailored to their needs, whenever requesting a tire quote from your tire shop. 

Note: Within the Messages section of the General Settings Page you can also customize the email, quote, appointment and order success message pop-ups, appointment intro for customers, and the zero results found message.