For up to date Google Feed Pricing please check TireConnect pricing sheet.

*Before creating a feed for a client, it is recommended that you go over their analytics information to determine the top sizes or brands/models that they would want to display in their feed as you will need to know the "Selector Type" for the feed (either Sizes or Products).

Go to Client > Dealer > Google Feeds (beta)

Select "New"

After clicking on "New" you will be taken to the "New Google Feed (beta) Export" page

At this point you can create a name for the feed, we recommend keeping a similar format for all clients for example: "Topsizes_dealername" or "Topproducts_dealername".

Once you have created a name you will now need to set the Base URL, in order to do so you will have to perform a search on the client's website and get to the individual tire ID. To do so perform a search, select a tire and go to the summary page. In the address bar you will copy the url of the website up until the "tire_id=" field. 

Paste the link into the "Base URL

Keep Max Results at 1000 and Product Type as Cars>Parts>Tires********


Choose the dealer location in which you would like the feed to extract data from.

Selector Type

Choose whether the dealer would like to display top products or top sizes.

Once you chosen your selector type you will be able to choose either the sizes/products that you would like to display in the feed.

You may also choose to filter certain categories:

Once finished you can select "Save and Back"

When taken back to the list of feeds, you will select the "Run Export" button available on the far right for the feed that was just created. Refresh the page until the export is complete and appears as follows :

Once the export is complete you can click go back. On the list of feeds you will now see a "Feed File" listed under the "Feed URL" header. You will need to right click on "Feed File" and copy the link address. This link is what will be used in Google Merchant.

You will now need to login to Google Merchant to set the feed up. Once logged in, you will go to the the "Products" menu on your left hand side:

Next you will select "Feeds", click the "+" button under Primary Feeds. 

You will then have to choose the basic information for the feed (Target Country, Language, Destinations)

Click continue, enter a feed name (preferably similar to the name that was chosen in the TireConnect Google Feeds section) and select "Scheduled Fetch"

Under file name enter in the name of the feed file from the Feed URL that was copied from the TireConnect Google Feeds section. Also paste in the Feed URL in the File URL field. As seen below :

You can choose the time you prefer to have the feed updated. There is also the option to add a username and password.

Once complete hit Continue  and you will be taken back to the list of feeds page in which the feed that you just created will now appear. Select the feed you just created to view if the files were processed properly. All processes should be successfully processed.