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TireConnect v1.2.13 Release Notes

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Online tire sales in North America continue to grow, with over 16 million tires sold online in 2017 alone. With 2018 trending even higher!

TireConnect's revamped ecommerce checkout includes the following:  

  • Enhanced Two-Page Checkout Experience
  • Now Accepts Apple Pay
  • Now Accepts Android Pay

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Updates included in this software release:

  • Improvement - Analytics updated every 24 hours: TireConnect's Analytics Dashboard, immediately visible once logged into the TireConnect admin portal, now is updated with your store's latest sales data every 24 hours.
  • Improvement – Dynamic Tire Filters: Changes to the filters settings on the tire search results page, such as filtering down for particular brands, or a specific price range, are now saved in the user's browsing history. The next time they return to your site to use TireConnect, their preferred filters will remain in place.
  • Improvement - Enhanced Stock Tab for TireConnect In-Store App: You'll now notice an enhanced stock tab when using TireConnect In-Store, with the supplier you are pulling pricing from indicated with a check-mark. A breakdown of availability is also displayed, with in-store stock indicated by a green arrow and stock available from local and nationwide suppliers showing a yellow arrow. And just like before, it is easy to switch back and forth between suppliers while using the in-store app, simply by selecting the desired supplier.
  • New Feature - Enable MAP Pricing for TireConnect In-Store: This optional feature enables dealers to match their tire prices to MAP both online and in-store.
  • Improvement - Quotes now include tire ratings: TireConnect quotes now display tire ratings (if ratings information is available).
  • Improvement - Non-taxable fees displayed below subtotal: If you've identified a fee (or service) as non-taxable and required, it will now be displayed below the subtotal section on the tire summary page.
  • Improvement - Comparison Quotes now include row indicating whether a tire is run flat: If one of the tire's in a comparison quote is a run flat tire, a run flat tire column is added. If none of the tires in the comparison are run flat, there will be no run flat column.
  • Improvement - TireConnect Support Chat and FAQ in one place: We've consolidated TireConnect support info into a single red chat icon, visible within the TireConnect admin portal, in the bottom right side once logged in. Opening the red chat icon, you'll be able to either immediately chat with a TireConnect support representative or by selecting FAQ browse through key TireConnect support documentation.
  • Bug Fix- TireConnect Analytics Dashboard - Search by Vehicle Ages now includes all vehicle ages: You may have noticed a pie chart in the Search By Vehicle Section of the analytics dashboard, showing a breakdown of searches by vehicle age. Previously the 8 to 11 years category was missing, this has been fixed.
  • Improvement - Google Analytics tracking for Double Tire Size and Wheel Search: We've added Google Analytics event tracking from when customers conduct a search for two tire sizes at once, and when customers search for tires for specific wheels (after being redirected from the iConfigurator wheel solution add-on).  
  • 53 optimizations and system improvements: The TireConnect team is always hard at work trying to improve our platform and fix issues and bugs found by our QA team or our clients.