TireConnect-Facebook integration guide

At this moment there are two ways how TC Widget count be implemented to Facebook.

Button with redirect link to your website.

On FB page click on + Add a Button.

Step 1: In popup menu select button name and purpose of this button.

Step 2: Select Website link option

In popup enter link to your website with TC widget and press Save.

I.e. https://www.tireconnect.ca/ecommerce-product/

Last step it’s just click on Finish and button with link to your website will be ready.

Page with TC widget

  1. You need a developer account to create apps. 

You can create developer account or change your account to developer account:


Sign in as developer.

  1. In right upper corner select My Apps and then Add New App.

  2. In popup menu enter Display name and your contact email. Then press Create App ID.


  1. On application page select Settings -> Basic.

  1. On Basic Settings page fill in such fields:

  2. Display Name: Name of page with app that will be shown in your FB. I.e. Tire Quoting Tool.

App Domains: tireconnect.ca

App Icon: any icon that is valid for FB restrictions.

Category: Shopping

Business Use: Support my own website.

Privacy Policy URL: it should be hosted on your website according to Facebook requirements. It should be public page accessible by all users.

  1. In the bottom of page click on + Add Platform and select Page Tab.

  1. In Page Tab section fill in Secure Page Tab URL with value:


Where {API_KEY} it’s your’s API key with type = facebook.



  1. Save changes.

  2. Turn on your application by pressing Off button in header and then Confirm in popup.

  1. Go to your FB main page and create new page for TC Widget app(In case you need it. In case you already have one go to 15 paragraph.)

  1. Select Business or Brand and press Get Started.

  2. Page Name: Name of page that will be shown in FB menu.

Category: App page.

  1. Set up design of your page.

  2. Then use link:


YOUR_APP_ID: App ID from 5 paragraph.

YOUR_URL: Url from 7 paragraph.



  1. In dropdown select page that you just created for TC Widget and press Add Page Tab.

  1. You will be redirected to app.tireconnect.ca/web/… and it’s ok.

  2. On previously selected page now you can see page with application in sidebar menu.