1.9.3. Discount Codes

Now you can add discount codes in the offer section (Please note that E-Commerce MUST be ENABLED to use discount codes in TireConnect). The discount codes can be added and edited by both client and dealer level accounts. Once the discount codes are created, you either let your customers take advantage of it during checkout or embed it in the URL and the code will be automatically applied during the customer's checkout process. 

Creating discount codes

Discount code can be created under the Offers section. Once you are on the Offers page, Follow the below steps 

Step 1: Click the New button to create a new discount code

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details under Main info, Dates, Links, Qualifiers, Colors and Properties section. Refer to 1.9.2 for detail explanation on the different sections

Step 3: Under the “Type” section choose “Discount” in the offer type drop down and toggle on the “Enable discount codes”. Toggling on the Enable discount codes will allow your customers to to enter the created discount code and avail the discount during the checkout process

Step 4: Click on the Add new button to start adding discount codes. Multiple discount codes can be added. To remove a particular discount code use the Remove button

Discount code: Enter the discount code. The discount code should be alphanumeric. 

Redeem by: If your offer is not ongoing, the redeem by date should be within the date range you have selected in the Dates section above.

Max redemptions: You can set a limit on how many times the discount code can be redeemed   

Example of the page without discount code

Example of how the discount code appears on the website

Discounts embedded in the Link

Once the discount codes are created, the codes can be embedded into the URL and the discount will be automatically applied during the checkout process. At the end of the URL use the following text “&discount_code=”. After the = add the discount code you have created in the offer section. 

Below is an example of how the code can be embedded in the URL. I have created an offer in the offer section with the discount code “testcode1”.


If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with us by calling us at 1-888-792-7072 ext 100, interacting with our live chat via the Admin backend or by sending us an email to Support@tireconnect.ca. Thanks!